The High Commission of Seychelles
to Sri Lanka

Establishing our presence in the island nation, the Seychelles High Commission in Sri Lanka commenced operations in October 2014. The decision to initiate a diplomatic mission here in Sri Lanka was followed by the opening of a Sri Lankan High Commission in Victoria Seychelles – a historic embarking in the history of relations between our island nations; which has now helped foster further bilateral cooperation and enhanced relations between the nations’ Governments.

The First High Commissioner of Seychelles to Sri Lanka – Mr. Philip Le Gall was sworn in at the President’s Office in July of 2015, being welcomed as the first representative of Seychelles to Sri Lanka. Under his leadership, the High Commission initiated several strategic actions which have been carried forward by his successors. During his time as High Commissioner, Mr. Le Gall was actively vested in establishing relations between Sri Lanka and Seychelles while also having official oversight of Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam Singapore and the Philippines.

In November 2017, Mr. David Pierre was sworn in as the Second High Commissioner of Seychelles to Sri Lanka. He held his term of leadership till May 2017, and in June of 2017, Mr. Conrad Mederic took office as the Third High Commissioner of Seychelles to Sri Lanka.

Mr. Mederic has been a significant presence since the beginning of the High Commission in 2014 – having served his predecessors as Principal Counselor, as well as Charges d’affaires at the inception of the diplomatic mission in Sri Lanka. Mr. Mederic now leads the mission, overseeing the strengthening of relations between Seychelles and Sri Lanka. During his tenure, he has established vital links between the tourism industries and other sectors of the two nations.

Mr. Mederic in his capacity as Charge d’affaires was mandated to open the High Commission at BMICH and in August of 2015 the High Commission was moved to the World Trade Centre. And in February, 2018 operations were once again moved to a location at Dharmapala Mawatha in Colombo 07 to a newly refurbished office.

Operations Staff

Working within the capacity of Office Manageress and in charge of administrative and coordinating affairs, Ms. Jayawila has been working with the High Commission since 2015 and has been staunch in her commitment to running our office processes effectively. A post-graduate of the University of Dublin, she holds an MBA in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management..

Ms. Lakshi Jayawila
Office Manager

Mr. Shantha has been with the High Commission since inception. His service has continued to be invaluable and he also provides services across administrative work while fulfilling logistical services to the High Commissioner and office administrative work.

Mr. Shantha Prasad
Official Driver