Captain Ajith Peiris, President of CINEC;

Professor Captain Nalaka Jayakody, Vice President of CINEC;

Officials from CINEC and Course Instructors;

Delegation from SEYPEC;

Trainees from SEYPEC;

CINEC Aviation Students;

Parents and Friends of Students

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with a deep sense of satisfaction that I am present in your midst today, to witness the graduation of the trainees from SEYPEC.

I would like to express my gratitude to Captain Ajith Peiris, as well as the Management of CINEC for the invitation to attend this auspicious ceremony. It is my fourth visit to CINEC and whenever I come here I always feel welcomed and at home.

I also want to welcome the delegation from SEYPEC as well as the parents and friends of the students who have made a special effort to be here today.

Dear students and fellow compatriots,

I take it that during your four month stay here you have managed to mingle around with the local people and get to know Sri Lanka and its culture better. – Sri Lanka is a wonderful country – a home away from home. I know that at the same time you have given your utmost to your studies and have sacrificed a lot. The skills and know-how imparted to you will be your guiding lights and tools, for years to come.

I command your learned instructors for whatever they have inculcated in you.

Today, you make Seychelles and your parents proud by your achievements. Seychelles is now richer by more of its own citizens joining our tanker fleet. You made the right decision in joining this profession as we believe there exist tremendous opportunities out there and you do have a bright future ahead of you.

I also want to congratulate SEYPEC for its vision and clear objectives in having a fully localized crew down the line. It is an excellent strategy that should be emulated by all and many.

Soon you will start your journey on this vast ocean, and we wish you all the best in your day-to-day activities on the high seas. I know that many of you will get the opportunity to come back here either for holidays, more advanced training or on the tankers themselves. It is opportune to note that quite recently SEYPEC chose Colombo Port, amongst several other ports in the region, for the dry-docking of one of its tankers; a quite significant development.

It highlights the importance of the ever growing friendship and cooperation between our two countries. CINEC is and will remain a pillar of this special relationship. Seychelles Government made the right decision when they first initiated contacts with CINEC. Today, we are seeing the fruits of this partnership. It includes management of our Maritime Training Center; training of SEYPEC students for the tankers; assistance for Seychelles to be white listed by IMO and today we witness a group of CINEC Aviation Students which is to undergo a 2 year training program with Air Seychelles as Aircraft Maintenance Technicians. We wish you all the best and please do enjoy Seychelles.

In conclusion, I wish you students good luck in your adventure and along with your parents and friends; I wish you a safe and happy journey back home.

Thank you all and have a happy continuation.

Have a good day.