Exploring Seychelles

Truly Unique Seychelles – The Eden of the World

Island Hopping

A mélange of islands, the Seychelles archipelago lets explorers plan extensive excursions or one day visits across the islands. The islands are connected with a network of air and sea transport services, ferry services, domestic flights and even helicopter rides available on a daily basis, to many of the islands. Expanding your experiences in Seychelles, island hopping allows visitors the opportunity to experience diversity and variety of its biological environment and pristine beaches, each attractive with unique offerings and experiences.

Boat Charters and Water Sports

Ideal for activities such as fishing and island hopping, Boat Charters provide tourists with a comprehensive experience from enjoying the warm blue oceans surrounding the islands, to fishing in the warm Indian Ocean at day or night time. These boat tours can also be used to visit surrounding islands while enjoying the sights and sounds the islands have to offer.

With a myriad of water based activities and sports to be enjoyed, enthusiasts can dive into the deep sea or shallow waters to explore the breathtaking aquatic world with marine wildlife and a magnificent mélange of colorful and vivid corals. As well as engage in aquatic sports such as kayaking on crystal clear ocean waters while breathing in the panoramic views of the islands and our coast lines, enjoying the massive Indian Ocean waters surrounding Seychelles.

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Cat Cocos

A passenger ferry operator that travels between the main islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue – Cat Cocos has a modern fleet of catamaran boats that operates on a daily basis and its vessels are operated under strict safety conditions while being time conscious. Passengers can enjoy a delightful journey with all necessary amenities and comfortable spaces. Tourists can also obtain loyalty cards that provide discounts and special benefits when travelling with Cat cocos.

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Walks and Trails

Revel in a fulfilling experience of exploration along walkways and trails that circle and snake across islands and nature reserves, providing passageways to stunning vistas and breathtaking panoramic views that take visitors amidst the many natural wonders of the islands of Seychelles. Divide your time and plan your excursions between discovering tropical beaches, traversing and viewing coastal lines, hiking along trails and through palm forests while stopping to admire amazing scenery and natural wonders as far as the eye can see.

Visit places of religious, cultural and historical importance. Peruse through many galleries and studios of arts and crafts while reminiscing in the historical importance and stories of Seychelles’ history and cultural details.

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Vallée de Mai

A nature reserve and one of two UNESCO heritage sites in Seychelles, it is also the plot for some of the world’s most famous tropical forests with primeval jungles that shelter some 6000 Coco de Mer trees. Vallée de Mai is located in the centre of the Praslin Island with a natural palm forest that has retained its original state of existence. With a 19.55 Hectare area of palm forest, the nature reserve has preserved six species of palm and other endemic species of flora and fauna. The site samples how the world’s flora has evolved into its existence today, making the nature reserve a source for understanding the works of Mother Nature’s force in the evolution of the planet.

A major dominating presence within the reserve, are the Coco de Mer (Double Coconut) and ancient palm trees that have come together to form a thick expanse of forest, dappled with Pandanus screw palms and broad leaf trees, turning this reserve into an exhibit of an eco-system where the germination of plants and flora occur in an almost primeval state. The large palm trees provide shelter to many endemic species including, the black parrot, widespread in the Praslin Island. Praslin is also the habitat of three endemic species of Bronze Geckos, Blue Pigeons, Bulbuls, Sunbirds, Swiftlets, Seychelles Skinks, Burrowing Skinks, Tiger Chameleons, Day Geckos, Caecilians, tree frogs, freshwater fish and many invertebrates.

Aldabra Atoll and Islands

Enclosing a shallow lagoon, the Aldabra atoll is a formation of four large islands of coral limestone. Bordering on its shores, the islands are surrounded by coral reef. Its home to 152,000 giant tortoises and is the only place that preserves and sustains such a magnitude of these magnificent creatures. As it lies isolated from human reach it has remained mostly untouched by human activities. By proportion, it is one of the world’s largest atolls and provides an ideal landscape for observing the ecological diversity and evolution of the Seychelles archipelago.

An eco-system of an oceanic island, the Aldabra atoll is a treasure trove of over 400 endemic species and subspecies, which includes vegetation and plants. The tortoises of the island are the last remnants of a once abundant life form that roamed other islands in the Indian Ocean. The land mass mostly contains ancient coral reef that has outlasted the effects of time. The islands are also home to green turtles and the critically endangered Hawksbill turtles that are reaching the verge of extinction. It is also a place for researchers to study the natural environment, the bio-diversity and other phenomenon within its boundaries. Researchers from renowned universities frequently visit the atoll, from around the world.

Environmental Protection

Around 60% of the landmass is safeguarded territory, with environmental protection being a significant part of the Seychelles constitution. The unique beauty and endemic species of the archipelago has made Seychellois protective of its natural wonders, unparalleled land mass, ancient coral reef and pristine, unpolluted beaches.

With nature reserves, marine parks and conservation of endemic species across most islands, Seychelles takes serious measures in safeguarding their biodiversity and requests tourists to refrain from any activity that will endanger the pure natural beauty and bounties of the islands. Places that are highly protected can only be accessed by planned and paid excursions which ensure that visitors experience the landscape, beaches and ocean respectfully.


The ideal backdrop for a fairytale beach wedding or for a wedding amidst the lush greenery of a tropical island, Seychelles is an ideal and sought after destination for those waiting to begin their ever after. Couples can retreat into the many islands and natural getaways that are harbored by our beautiful islands and celebrate their honeymoon or anniversary.

With its picture perfect and romantic backdrop that is heightened by the sun, pristine beaches and exquisite cuisine, couples can expect to be delighted and to remain in their own secluded getaway safely and enjoyably.

Creole Festival

Held annually, this one week festival is held in October and pays tribute to the phrase that describes Seychelles as a ‘melting pot of cultures’. A display of Creole culture and a mélange of vibrant cultural influences that melds people from different religions, cultures and ethnicities, under one banner of humanity and unity in diversity.

The festival is attended by countries that bring their displays of cultural influences and ethnic diversity. A festival of colours, fun, music, food and bold costumes, the festival is a euphoric global event that attracts a large crowd to Victoria and nearby islands. Spreading the message of togetherness and equality, the Seychelles carnival celebrates the human potential for sharing common interests amidst ethnic diversity.

Nightlife in Seychelles

Vibrant in its nightlife, visitors can enjoy a splendid night out amidst the plethora of bars, pubs, discos, restaurants, casinos/amusement centres; even enjoy a late night movie and experience night markets. Visitors can even venture to the silent sea under a blanket of stars on board a Cruise ship, with complementary drinks for accompaniment.

Fly fishing

An anglers’ playing field, with the finest saltwater flats for fly fishing in the world, and with an incredible plethora of species for angling in the shallow waters, Alphonse island is where fly fishing can be enjoyed to the fullest, with world class salt flats and blue water fly fishing, anglers can come across Bone Fish, Fly Fish, Sail Fish, Yellow Fin Tuna, Brassy, Triggerfish, Giant Trevally and Milk Fish to name a few. Aside from Alphonse Island, St. Francois and Bijoutier islands are also considered the best for fly fishing and are home to a large variety and population of fish.

Whether amateurs or professionals, anglers will receive constant guidance from professional and experienced guides. A great family activity, fly fishing excursions can be pre-planned at the most ideal location guided by highly experienced angling teams.

Equipment can be purchased at the islands with a full range of artificial flies that are custom tied to the right hooks and rods. Rods can also be rented through a rental service.

Takamaka Rum and La Plaine St. André

A blend of the finest artesian water and island grown sugarcane, expertly and passionately brewed in Au Cap, on the Island of Mahé, at the historical La Plaine St. André homestead which is home to its crafters and creators -the d’Offay brothers. 

The Trois Frères Distillery is the home of the Takamaka rum where it’s is blended, spiced and aged in a distinct manner that is unique to Seychelles and the heritage of the d’Offay brothers’ ancestral lineage.

Built by Jean-Francois Jorre de St. Jorre in 1792, La Plaine St. Andre is now where the d’Offay family blends and brews their special Takamaka rum, surrounded by an exotic garden that is rich in medicinal plants, herbs and fruit trees.

A place to be visited, La Plaine St. Andre welcomes everyone for a unique journey into a genuinely Seychellois culinary and rum experience. Restaurant reservations and rum tasting activities are offered to guests with food made from exquisite ingredients handpicked from the gardens and sourced from local suppliers.

Where to stay in Seychelles ?

A traveller’s paradise and ultimate tourist destination for A-listers and vacationers, Seychelles offers the widest range of choices in accommodation for your preferential tastes and to match any specific budget. With constantly refurbished and developed property, equipped with luxurious amenities, Seychelles provides visitors with an unforgettable stay.

Visitors will be acclimatized to the creole culture and way of life, amidst hospitable faces and places. Travellers or Business Tourists can stay at either one of 16 islands that host these myriad of accommodation choices and traverse the islands while enjoying one of a kind activities and visit truly mesmerizing attractions.

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