Former High Commissioner to Sri Lanka

Mr. David Pierre

Former High Commissioner

With a political journey that began in 2002, Mr. Pierre has been a notable individual, having held multiple positions of importance within the Seychelles political landscape – while continuing to serve the country as a diplomat.

In 2002, he became a member of the Parliament, after having held numerous designations within his career in academics. In 2011, Mr. Pierre became the Leader of the Opposition – a position which he held until 2016. Concurrently, he also held duties as Chairperson of Finance and Public Accounts Committee, Parliament of Seychelles from 2011-2016.
Within a two year timespan, beginning from 2014, he was a member of Pan-African Parliament, until May of 2016, as well as simultaneously working as Treasurer of SADOPAC. In 2016, Mr. Pierre became High Commissioner to Sri Lanka – a position he held briefly till his end of term in the same year – passing duties to Mr. Conrad Mederic – the current High Commissioner of Seychelles to Sri Lanka.

Prior to commencing his diplomatic career, Mr. Pierre concluded his secondary education at the Seychelles Polytechnic, followed by his graduate and post graduate studies at Edith Cowen University in Australia, within the period of 1989 – 1994. An academic who specialised in the field of applied sciences, Mr. Pierre completed his higher education in the areas of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

In 2017, Mr David Pierre was appointed as Ambassador of Seychelles to Ethiopia and continues to serve his country within the same diplomatic designation.