Passport and Consular Services

Misplaced, lost/stolen passport

In the event of a loss of passport or stolen travel documentation, individuals are recommended to inform the relevant authorities, immediately, by reporting the incident to the Immigration Department hotline on 011 532 9326 or fax on 011-2885358. However, such an incident should also be notified by lodging a police complaint to the nearest local Police Department.

The officers will then inform the Department of Immigration and Emigration in Colombo of the complaint and the individual’s information. The Department will then take the necessary actions to cancel the stolen, misplaced or lost passport.

It must be noted that the lost or stolen passport should not be used for travel as it is a matter of legal and safety concerns, where identity theft could occur through the misuse of your passport. The cancellation details of your lost or stolen passport will be entered into the local Stolen/Lost Passport System and shared across the world through INTERPOL, in order to stop or avoid any misuse. It is advisable to refrain from using the particular passport, even after it has been recovered. Nevertheless, obtaining a new passport will ensure the safety and integrity of your identity and provide you with hassle free movement between borders and inside international territory.

Temporary travel document

In the event of a lost or stolen passport and in the unfortunate occasion if and when travel documents get misplaced then the embassy can issue temporary documents which can be used temporarily during the duration of the stay.

In the event of estrangement in Sri Lanka

The consulate will assist any individual or group in the event of estrangement. Individuals faced with estrangement should contact the police hotline 119 for immediate assistance and importantly the High Commission. The consulate will then assist the estranged with the necessary guidance and issue necessary documentation as well as assist the estranged in returning to Seychelles.

It is advisable that the safest and fastest way of remediating the issue is by contacting the nearest police station. Contacts of any police station can be obtained online; in the event you’re out of a service area then the emergency hotline 119 is accessible through any local telecommunication network.

Repatriation of remains

In the event of repatriation of a Seychelles national who has passed away in Sri Lanka, it is important for the members of the deceased person’s family to obtain all the necessary information. As the immediate authority on consular matters for Seychellois while in Sri Lanka, we will:

      • Inform members of family or relatives about the preceding actions and procedures which should be exacted when repatriating the remains of their loved person.
      • Make available all information and contact details pertaining to funeral agents.
      • Liaise between and/or bring loved ones into contact with the relevant authorities and personnel who handle repatriation of remains in Sri Lanka.

Nevertheless, it is outside of our capacity and authority to settle any pending bills or provide funds from public accounts to settle any forthcoming payments or charges. We are also not in the capacity to take charge of the complete process of repatriation, which should be done through Members of family and relatives are humbly urged to respect the repatriation process at all given times and to assist the relevant authorities in making a safe and timely passage of remains, to Seychelles.

We advise family members or relatives to always seek advice and guidance from the Seychelles Mission, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as the Ministry of Health of Seychelles for additional information.