President's Speech

Greetings to all fellow Seychellois and to nationals of Sri Lanka...

Honourable President
Mr. Danny Faure

President of the Republic of Seychelles

In the years since 1988, Seychelles and Sri Lanka has been diplomatic partners that share vested interests and strategic partnerships as island nations. As two nations that have formed multiple alliances based on the blue ocean economy, both Sri Lanka and Seychelles have much to offer each other in terms of technical expertise, resources and equipment, human resources and bilateral cooperation across many areas that are both crucial for the economic development of the two nations.

The Blue Ocean Economy

The blue ocean economy and its principles have become essential factors in the effective and eco-friendly utilisation of the vast natural resources that surround our islands. As Indian Ocean islands both Sri Lanka and Seychelles share the stronghold of being strategically placed within the international shipping routes, that is a primary contributor to the economic development of both nations. With the shipping industry being an indicator of our progress, both countries seek to enhance our maritime services by ways of further expansions on port infrastructure and ancillary services that will attract more vessels of mainline and feeder operators and casual callers.

While Sri Lanka envisions becoming a maritime hub by expanding existing infrastructure and port capacities, Seychelles too is on a similar direction of investing in the development of our ports which will be developed to handle more import and export related movement. With maritime industries at the heart of our economies, Seychelles is poised to protecting our maritime interests, as mariners and vessel operators continue to use our seas and other water bodies for commercial purposes.

technical expertise

Sri Lanka’s technical expertise in maritime technologies and the manufacture of vessels has been a positive influence on our industry as we continue to share resources, knowledge and personnel for improving the industry. The CINEC maritime campus in Colombo has been instrumental in educating and equipping our young Seychellois mariners for a career in the industry that has been enhanced with practical exposure.

GDP Growth

The service sector plays a key role in determining the GDP growth of both economies, with tourism leading the sector in its overall contribution. The tourism sector of both countries continues to attract thousands of tourists each year making it a sustainable and a high source of foreign exchange revenue to our economies. With a total contribution of 60% to the country GDP, the Seychelles tourism sector remains strongly capable of demonstrating our best practices in tourism related developments.

Natural Attractions

While our biodiversity and natural attractions including pristine beaches continue to be the focal point of attractions for tourists, we take great care in protecting our environment and natural resources proving our capabilities time and time again. Our first white flag Certified Safe Marine Areas (CSMA) was awarded last year proving the importance we place on our nature and biodiversity for preserving and safeguarding them from the detriments of plastic and marine debris. We expect to share this expertise with our Sri Lankan counterparts in enabling a pollution free environment within Sri Lanka and for improving the tourism industry at large.

With multiple bilateral agreements and MOUs signed between the two nations, I stay hopeful that further strategic alliances will result in developing cooperation between the two countries. Our government is also hopeful on future tourism and trade related areas of cooperation which could result in a beneficial environment for both our nations’ economies, for years to come…

President's Profile

Born on the 8th of May in 1962, Mr. Danny Antoine Faure completed his primary and secondary education in Seychelles; he then graduated from the University of Havana in Cuba, majoring in in Political Science.

Mr. Faur began his professional career nearly 35 years ago, as an Assistant Curriculum Officer with the Ministry of Education and as a lecturer at both the National Youth Service and the Seychelles Polytechnic back in 1985. He was then appointed as Director of the National Youth Service in 1989.

A dedicated supporter and youth member of the Seychelles People’s Progressive Front (SPPF), now addressed as the United Seychelles Party, he moved onto becoming the Chairman of its Youth Wing and was subsequently elected to the Central Committee of the Party, as one of its most rising members and in June 2009, he succeeded in becoming the Secretary General of the SPPF. In 1993, he was appointed as the ‘Leader of Government Business’ in the national assembly of the majority party, under the return of the Multi-Party democracy – a position he served from 1993-1998.

His political career achieved yet another successful milestone in March of 1998, when he was appointed as the Minister of Education. Thereafter in 2001, he was appointed as the Minister of Education and Youth, a position which he held since August of 2006. He then proceeded to becoming the Minister of Finance where he was handed down with portfolio responsibilities for Trade in July 2007 and Industries in August 2009.

His transformative leadership enabled the implementation of the 1st generation of reforms under the IMF macro-economic programme which was initiated in October, 2008. He also served as Designated Minister from April 2004 to June 2010.Before accepting office as the President of the Republic of Seychelles, Mr. Fauré served a six year term as Vice-President of the Republic of Seychelles, since July 2010, while holding within his Ministerial portfolios the areas of Finance and Trade, Public Administration, and Information Communication Technology.

Subsequently, he was sworn in as the President of the Republic of Seychelles in October 2016. While performing his duty as the Head of Government he also holds the Ministerial portfolios of Defence, Public Administration, and Legal Affairs.