Seychelles - Sri lanka Relations

Since 1988, diplomatic relations between Seychelles and Sri Lanka have been evolving and progressing impressively with both nations continuing to facilitate mutual assistance across areas of interest. Both nations now share resources, expertise and assistance for developing sectors that need further development. Leaders of both countries have maintained dialogue and positive relations across the years, with a great respect for each nation’s capabilities, natural resources and human expertise.


On 3rd October, Seychelles and Sri Lanka established diplomatic relations.

State visit by Mr. Michels, attending the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Sri Lanka.

• Opening of the first Sri Lankan High Commission in Seychelles.
• Nawaloka International opens a branch in Seychelles.
• BOC branch in Seychelles established for domestic and off shore clients.

Sri Lanka and Seychelles Sign 6 Agreements Including

1. Establishment of a Joint Commission

2. Agreement on Bilateral Political Consultation

3. Agreement on Cooperation on Tourism

4. Memorandum of Understanding to Promote Technical and Investment Cooperation in Power Sector Development in General and the Implementation of Renewable Energy Projects in Seychelles

5. Agreement on Cultural Cooperation

6. Memorandum of Understanding in the Field of Sports

Seychelles opened its first ever High Commission in Sri Lanka, based at BMICH.


President Fauré visits Sri Lanka on a working tour with the objective of enhancing relations between the two nations


• Sri Lanka donates new Wave Rider boats to the Seychelles coast guard.
• Vice President, Mr. Vincent Merito visits Colombo on a two day visit.

The first state visit of Sri Lankan president, Mahinda Rajapakshe to Seychelles.

President of Sri Lanka makes his second State Visit to the Seychelles.

Seychelles Maritime Safety Administration (SMSA) signs a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Sri Lanka’s CINEC Maritime Campus in December, subsequent to an agreement signed by the Ministry of Education in Seychelles which granted CINEC to undertake the management of the Seychelles Maritime Training Centre (MTC).


• Seychelles achieves entrance into the IMO white list in collaboration with Colombo International Nautical Engineering College CINEC.
• Diplomatic operations in the BMICH premises closes as operations move to a new location in the World Trade Centre.


Embassy premises at the World Trade Centre closes as operations are shifted to a new space in Dharmapala Mawatha.


A fully-fledged Medical and Speciality Centre opened in Seychelles by Lanka Hospitals, enabling Seychellois to receive medical services while also providing Sri Lanka the opportunity to elevate services to the people of Seychelles.

President Maithripala Sirisena visits Seychelles on a State Tour, to enhance inter-country relations. Sri Lankan community in Seychelles was recognised and those with over 30 year tenure in Seychelles were presented with Souvenirs by the President.

Sri Lankan Airlines and Air Seychelles entered into a Special Prorate Agreement to enhance respective route networks while offering flexible travel options to passengers of both airlines.

The two countries celebrated 30 years of diplomatic relations. The occasion was commemorated at a cocktail event held with the participation of 125 invited guests including the Minister of Tourism Development and Christian Religious Affairs Mr. John Amaratunga as the Guest of Honor. Top government officials, diplomats, representatives from the private sector, NGOs, tourism and trade representatives all gathered for this event.

Two MoUs were signed which includes a new agreement on the advancement of IT, signed between the University of Moratuwa and the Information Technology University of Seychelles. The agreement relating to the expansion of bilateral cooperation in the field of vocational training was signed between SL Vocational Technology University and Seychelles Technology Institute.