Sri Lanka-Seychelles Arts & Culture agreement anticipated


by Zacki Jabbar in Victoria, Seychelles

There was ample scope for an Arts and Culture agreement between Seychelles and Sri Lanka, says CEO of the Seychelles Arts Council (SAC) Jimmy Savy.


Speaking to “The Island” on the sidelines of the recent world famous Creole Music Festival, Savy said that an Arts competition for children organised by SAC and held in conjunction with the Creole Festival – that sets Victoria alight , drawing thousands of visitors from abroad, had drawn an enthusiastic response.

The children exhibited their exceptional drawing skills for which they were awarded prizes, he added.

Asked what the scope was for an Arts and Culture Agreement between Sri Lanka and Seychelles , Savy said the prospects were very good, because there was increasing people to people contacts and Seychelois visited Sri Lanka for both medical and leisure purposes.

He noted that two Sri Lankan medical clinics had been established in Seychelles.