Vice President

Mr. Vincent Emmanuel Angelin Meriton

Vice President of the Republic of Seychelles

Born on the 28th of December 1960, Mr. Vincent Emmanuel Angelin Meriton was appointed Vice President of the Republic of Seychelles on October of 2016, with responsibility in overseeing a ministerial portfolio which includes Information, Blue Economy, Information Communications Technology (ICT), Foreign Affairs, Religious Affairs and Civil Society, and Inner and Outer Islands. Mr. Meriton’s primary and secondary education was completed in Seychelles. Upon completion of his studies he then resided in Moscow during the tenure of his college experience, where he attended the Moscow State University, reading for his Master in Sociology.

In 1978, he returned to his mother country with prospects of working as an Audit Assistant with the Department of Audit. After this initial designation he then began working as an Assistant Immigration Officer with the Immigration Division – a job he held from 1979 – 1981. Working in the post of Sector Secretary, Mr. Meriton joined the National Worker’s Union in 1981, expanding a career that has already been dynamic in a short span of time. After a decade in the same capacity he then worked as a Senior Training and Research Officer with the Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs.


In 1995, he became the Director General for the Employment Division and as Director General for Youth Division in 2000, followed by Director General for Local Government Division in 2001. From 1998 – 2002, he also served as Member of the National Assembly. 

While enjoying a progressive political and professional career, Vice President Meriton has also served Seychelles in numerous other capacities which includes: Secretary General to the Seychelles Federation Workers’ Unions, Chairman of the National Theme Committee, Chairman of the Seychelles National Rénaissance Committee and as a Member of the WADA Finance and Administration Committee, from 2016- 2017.


With his first Ministerial appointment in 2004, Mr. Meriton became Minister for Social Affairs and Employment. This was followed by his appointment to the role of Minister for Health and Social Services in 2005, a position which he held until August, 2006. The same year he was sworn in as the Minister for Community Development and Youth. In 2007, he became the Minister for Community Development, Youth, Sports and Culture and in 2010 he was appointed as the Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports. 

Subsequently, he moved onto holding two additional Ministerial positions including the position as Minister for Community Development and Youth from 2011 to 2012 and the post of Minister for Social Affairs, Community Development and Sports between March 2012 and October 2016.


Prior to becoming the Vice President of the country, Mr. Vincent Meriton was appointed Designated Minister in July 2010 to 2016. And since 2018, Mr. Meriton has also been working as Minister of Foreign Affairs.