Visa Services

Visa for Travel and Holiday Stays

For persons who wish to enter Seychelles there are no visa requirements as Seychelles is a visa-free country. However, visitors should possess a valid passport or other travel documentation recognised by the Government of Seychelles to obtain entry. The passport should be valid for the duration of the stay.

The visa-free period extends to 30 days, thereafter, any extended stays will require visa approval and such a decision must be informed to the relevant officials at the Immigration Department for expediting the process of visa for the extended period of stay.

Visitor’s Permit

A permit is issued for any individual who enters Seychelles for the purposes of holiday, business, visit friends or family. Individuals must;
• Not be a prohibited immigrant
• Not be the holder of a valid permit which entitles the holder to reside in Seychelles
• Hold a valid return or onward ticket for the duration of the visit
• Have confirmed accommodation
• Have funds for duration of the stay.

A Gainful Occupation Permit (GOP)

This allows the holder to access gainful employment in Seychelles granting him/her to be occupied by a Seychellois employer or become self-employed. However, a certificate of approval must be issued by the Ministry of Labour and Employment on behalf of Sri Lankan citizens seeking gainful occupation. The High Commission verifies the authenticity of employers offering employment to Sri Lankans. Subsequent to obtaining approval from the Ministry, an Application for Gainful Occupation Permit must be submitted to the Immigration Office in Victoria, Seychelles.

The above process should be followed in the events of extending the validity of the GOP or when changing the post titles and duties. The employer must complete the application form or in the event of self-employment by the person seeking self-employment.

A processing fee of Sr. 1000/- is applicable. The fee for the duration of the permit which should be obtained is at Sr. 500/- per month or part thereof, and must be paid when submitting the application. As the High Commission of Seychelles in Sri Lanka, we will guide you and bring prospective individuals with the relevant immigration officials in Seychelles when obtaining the GOP.

Student Visa

A student’s permit as is known, will be issued to Sri Lankan students who have been accepted to an approved educational institution in Seychelles; any child, whether below or above the age of 18 may apply for a student’s permit.